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LAWAREC BRICK Laser/Radar Warning Receiver

The LAWAREC BRICK is a distributed modular detection system used for the protection of mobile and stationary objects against target designation, recognition and missile guidance.

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LAWAREC LW5-8D, LW5-12D, LW5-8D-4R Laser and Laser/Radar Warning Receivers

The LAWAREC (LAser WArning RECeiver) is a system used for detecting laser and radar irradiation aimed at protected military vehicles and buildings.

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LAWAREC Seaborne Laser Warning Detector System

LAWAREC Seaborne Laser Warning Detector System is a real-time surveillance system for Naval Forces which offers rapid and precise threat reconnaissance and warning in case of an attack.

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LAWAREC GATEWAY is a modular system of detection and identification of radiation for protection against weapon systems with laser or radar assistance, which allows to reliably detect threats of a mobile or stationary object.

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LAWAREC ExPal Module

The LAWAREC ExPal is an external Smoke Grenade Launcher Controller, an optional accessory for the system of detection and identification of radar and laser irradiation LAWAREC.

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LAWAREC TRICLOP Laser Warning Receiver

The LAWAREC TRICLOP is a detector designed for installation in the systems for their protection against laser irradiation from the head operating field of view.

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GARVAN GV04 Laser Rangefinder

GARVAN is a low cost, compact laser rangefinder designed for applications requiring remote control by external computer (superior system) via standard interface.

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ML-780B-R Thermal Imaging Module

ML-780B-R is a ruggedized uncooled FPA thermal imaging module applying in the detector with real-time image processing circuits..

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MS-720C Thermal Imaging Weapon Scope

MS-720C thermal imaging weapon scope is a system based on the ML-720C thermal imaging module which allows users to identify heat-emitting objects such as humans and recently-operated vehicles day or night, in rain, fog, dust and smoke.

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